Nimbus ‚ÄčServices

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We offer the following services:

1Software Tools Recommendation

Please let us know your existing software development challenges and we will recommend the correct tools. We have deep expertise in this area and we will also do a proof of concept in your environment.  

2. Technical Writing

Document the existing IT system and create help guides and manuals

Why Nimbus Services?

Nimbus Services started in August 2013. We are a team of four as of today led by Sreedhar Kakade. The team has good experience in software development and sales. We have worked for Microsoft and other reputed Banking and Financial companies in the U.S, Singapore and India. Strong experience in Microsoft and Java technologies across the SDLC.

We will go the extra mile to make it happen for our customers. Our goal is to provide the right solution with commendable support. Please contact for more details.